ManagerZone finances

Under "Finances" you find your expenses as well as income. On the top you find your income per line item and how much those are. Ticketrevenue is usually your larges income. You also get some of your income from sponsors and currently you cannot affect that value. "Facilities" in managerzone shows your income from running hot dog stands, restaurants and other facilities.

Below you find your expenses. If you build a larger stadium or add to your facilities that cost is shown under the line item "other". What you see in the table are the cost and income for that particular week. One week at a time. You have links that show you weeks in the past. You can also get a projection on how this season might end up if you go at the rate you have been so far this season.

It is important that you run your finances responsibly so you always have enough money. If you start falling behind you risk going into bankruptcy. If you are below 0 (negative number) for more than 5 weeks you will lose your club to bankruptcy.

Every Saturday ManagerZone (the soccer manager) runs the finances of each club and you can then check your updated report and also how much you have in total assets.

Youth in Managerzone

All the way down on you finances page you find a section for your youth program. There you can state how many youngsters you would like to have in your club to train as your own original players. Be aware that it can take up to one week for the change to take affect. The players do not come immediately nor do they leave immediately.

Each junior player can be very different. With luck you can end up with very good players and with less luck, not so good. Normally it is a mix. Each junior player cost you $2000 (or similar in your currency) to keep every week. This is a fixed cost and does not change. You can see that a junior player does not have a salary stated on their profile, just because they are juniors and therefore do not receive salaries. However they do cost to train and maintain.

You can only increase the number of youth players twice a seasons in soccer manager, during rounds 1-2 and rounds 11-12, however you can decrease the number of youth players you want at any time of the season. However if you choose to go down in numbers you cannot choose which player that leaves your club. It will be chosen for you - at random.
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