ManagerZone trainers

This page shows your trainers. Their attributes are considered private information for the manager who has hired them. Therefore their skills and how well they can help a player is not shown when other managers looks at your trainers.

To have good trainers is very important. In MangerZone you can hire as many trainers as you would like to have and can afford. Each trainer can help with practice every day for one skill or attrubute at a time. When you first get your team you have one trainer that comes with it. To hire more trainers follow the steps below.

More trainers?

For the trainers to know that you are looking to hire, you have to announce this. You do that on the page "search for new trainer" (soccer manager).

In the drop down box you can choose between 6 classes of trainers (A to F). A is the best type of trainer and A would be a world class trainer and the salary is set accordingly. To activate that you are looking for trainers choose the class that you think will fit best and the salary that you are willing to pay. The approximate salary levels for each class is depicted below. The salary is per week. Amounts shown in USD but varies depening on your currency and the exchange rates.
  • Klass A: More than 10 000 USD
  • Klass B: 5 000 - 10 000 USD
  • Klass C: 2 500 - 5 000 USD
  • Klass D: 1 000 - 2 500 USD
  • Klass E: 500 - 1 000 USD
  • Klass F: 0 - 500 USD
These salaries are not exact but more a guidance. A trainer can accept more or less but are generelly within these limits. A-class trainers are few and far between and are very picky as to what club they choose. Usually you have to be in a higher division or show something else that might turn them to you. They do not just look at the salary offered but past performance is also of importance.

You can at any time change your selection of class. Simply make your selection again and click "change". That class is then activated. The only thing you need to think of when activating a new class is that it takes about a week for new trainers to see your change. Therefore you should not change too often as nobody might apply. Expect it to take up to 3 weeks before a trainer contacts you. If you have not heard from anybody in that time you might want to consider a lower class trainer for the moment.

Wait for negotiation in soccer manager

If you team seems interesting to a trainer, he will contact you via e-mail. He writes you stating some information about him and send you his resume as far as skills and attributes. You check your emails via the "letter" icon up to the far left. It will be lit up in bright yellow when you have new e-mail.

How do I negotiate?

Once a trainer contacts you, via e-mail, you will find a link in his e-mail. When you click that you can see what his attributes are and if you like what you see you can offer him a job by entering in the salary you would offer him. You can also go to see any and all trainers seeking employment in you club under "interested trainers". When the deadline passes the trainer will contact you. He let's you know if you offer was accepted or if he has chosen to go to another club. A trainer can also choose to stay unemployed until next week if nobody offers him a decent salary that he feels he can accept. A trainer normally applies for employment in more than one club at the same time. The one that offers the best salary normally will get him. However what division you play in and other variables interested to a trainer also affect the decision.

What should I think about in ManagerZone?

1. The trainer gives you a deadline that you should take seriously. If you are quick he might just go for your club immediately.
2. A trainer will most likely negotiate with other clubs as well (without you knowing).
3. The number of trainers that apply for the job at your club varies a lot. If you go for a class A trainer and you are in division 6 there might not ever come a trainer to apply for the job. This is because the very best trainers usually like to work for clubs in the higher divisions.
4. The trainer can contact you at any time of the week (Monday through Friday).
5. If you are desperate to find a trainer you should not try to get the top classes as they are rare. Go for the lower such as F or E and you should get somebody soon that will contact you. Remeber that it normally takes about 2 weeks for you to get an offer.
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