ManagerZone stadium

In soccer manager your stadium has only 2000 seats when you first take over your team. However you can build and add on seats and other facilities to your stadium. If you click on the link "change stadium" you find a page where you can get proposals of the cost as well as the timeframe for any structural change you would like to make. The stadium is a very important part of your club and you want to try to make sure that you have enough seats for all your fans but yet not too many. As there is cost associated with each seat and structure you want them to be as close to filled as possible to be as efficient with your money as you can. In managerzone the ticket sales is your largest income.

You simply fill out what you would like to build such as standing, sitting and VIP seats. You can also add facilities such as:
  • Restaurant
  • Hotdog stand
  • Fast food
  • Pub
  • Souvenirshop
  • Clinic
  • Hotel
Once you have selected what to build click on the link "Get proposal". Immediately you will get a price and timeframe back from the builder. If you like it and would like to build what you chose then click "Build". If not you can just leave the page and nothing will be changed.

To have other facilities does not only help your finances but also helps to make your stadium a little more popular to visit.

Observe that when you build it will not be finished on a weekend. If the proposal states that it will be finished on a weekend you will actually not have it until the following Monday.

If you have built your stadium too large you can choose to tear some of it down. Under "demolish" you can select what and how many to demolish. This can be good because if you have too big of a stadium you might lose money as it cost a lot to keep up.

In managerzone, as your stadium grows the looks of it will change.

To make the soccer manager a little more interesting we do not disclose the amounts that it cost to run your stadium or facilities. You will find out as you get into the game and learn what the costs are. If you hang in the forum a lot you will probably get ideas from your fellow managers.
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