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Under the link "players" you find a detailed list of the players in your team. If you look at somebody elses team you will not get quite the same detail. When a player has the status "selected" you will find the player on your tacticts page ready to be used in a match. If not, he will not show up there. This is just to make it easier to pick you tactics for your squad as it otherwise could be a little crowded on that page.

You can at any time change a players number on his shirt. For instance if you want your goalie to have the number 1 jersey you change that under the tab "change numbers".

If you want to sell a player (put him on the tranfer list) you click on "sell" fill in what the minimum price you want for him and check how many days you want him on the transfer. If nobody bids on your player in soccer manager you will keep him. Otherwise the transaction will go through after the deadline (24 hours after as all transactions are checked by ManagerZone crew) and you will receive the money that was the final bid. You cannot cancel a transfer once a player is on the transfer list. Therefore be very careful and make sure everything such as the price is correct before you activate it. If a player is truly bad you can also choose to fire him by clicking "discard".

You cannot sell youth players in managerzone. More info can be found under the finances section.

All players skills and characteristics are described with the help of 13 attributes. These attributes has values between 0 and 10 and tells the system a players natrual talent to do various things in various situations on the field. The 13 attributes are Stamina, Experience, Form, Speed, Play intelligence, Passing, Shooting, Ball control, Tackling, Cross balls, Set plays and Goalie.

This attribut describes the endurance and how well the player will last in rough, long games. A player with a high value can play longer matches and keeps speed and other attributes accurate even towards the end of the games. High stamina also helps to keep injuries away.

The attribut experience shows the general knowledge and experience of soccer. This is important in all aspects of the game. Players with a higher value of experience seldom get nervous and misses more seldom important plays. The more important a game, the more experience is gathered. Age and played matches are the larges variables that sets the experience level.
The practical use in ManagerZone of this attribute is that it can enhance other attributes or lower them. Experience, is the only attributes that does not go down with age.

Form is a combination of your physical and mental shape for the day. Form is everything about inner balance and confidence and just like experience it affects a players total capacity on the field. The form attribute in managerzone is updated twice a week and depending on how many games and what games a player gets to play the form goes up and down. It is important not to over or under play anybody as the form will drop. If you have good balance in the number of matches a player plays a week you will do fine with your form. If you sell more than 10 players during a single season the form will be affected negatively.

A players speed decides how fast he will move across the field with or without a ball.

Play intelligence
Play intelligence shows how well a player reads and understands the game on the field. It also plays a role in how tactical the player is. A high value means that the player most of the time is placed well and finds the openings to break free for the pass or the scoring chance. He also chooses the better alternatives when there are selections of what to do with the ball.

The passing attribut decides how well and precise a player passes the ball to another player.

Shooting includes the move before the shot (to fool sombody to get the opening for the shot) as well as the shot itself. A better shot and the player hits it on the goal and in goal more often.

A high value means the player can not only hit the ball well with his head but also steer it in the right direction. In soccer manager this is great both in offensive and defensive situations. Scoring off of cross balls or to clear the ball in the back.

Ball control
This attribute is all about how a player deals with the ball once he has it. Somebody with great ball control can keep, dribble and receive the ball better.

Being good at tackling means the player many times can take the ball from an opponent via a good tackle.

Cross balls
Cross balls shows a well a player can deal with long balls and balls from all the way out towards the edge of the field and put them in towards the goal to create a dangerous scoring chance.

Set plays
If you are good at handeling set plays you are good at corners, free kicks and penalty shots.

The goalie must be flexible and fast and never show fear for the ball. The higher the value the better he is when it comes to making sure the opponents can't score.

In addition to the attributes above there are also a handful of other characteristics for each player. These are Age, Value, Salary, Height, Weight and what foot the player prefers to shoot with.

A players age normally varies between late teen to up over 30 years old. Older players are usually more experienced than their younger colleagues. However they also start to lose strength in their important attributes when they get older. Each player age one year per season and they have their birthdays on different days throughout the season.

A players value shows a theoretical calculation of what an appoximate value could be. Depending on their attributes the value is higher or lower. Of course the value that a team pays for a player is very individually set as it depends on the needs of the club.

This is the amount that the club pays the player every week. The salary is set based on the theoretical value of the player.

This is the height measured in centmeters. In managerzone a tall players is often slightly better in the attributes goalie and headers whereas a shorter player usually has better ball control.

This is the weight of the player. An extremely light person is usually less good at tackling and a heavier person is usually not as fast and has less ball control.

Preferred foot
Normally a player perfers either the left or the right foot to shoot with. However there are also a few that can shoot well with both. This characteristic indicates the preference of the player. A right footed player normally plays a little better on the right side and vice versa for a left footed player.

All attributes are used in a game. Depending on the situation that the player is in, algorithms are used to calculate the probabilities that that player could handle the situation. This is based off of how good his attributes are.

You can sell a player by putting him on the transfer list. You can also discard him which will help your finances as you do not have to pay him a salary anymore. Keep your finances in mind when buying a player as it is not just a one time fee but you also have to pay him a salary for as long as you keep him.
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