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ManagerZone rules

Welcome to the best online soccer manager. Below we list some very important rules. These must be adhered to or else a manager could potentially get his or her account cancelled. The reason for them being so important is that the game simply does not function as intended otherwise. We think it is crucial that everybody has the same chance to succeed in ManagerZone.

   1) Honesty is the best policy.
If you notice someone cheating, or doing something which can be interpreted as cheating; contact the support immediately. All teams that are cheating will be discovered and punished sooner or later, since all transfers are registered and never dissappear as long as the team exists. When the team is discovered doesn't matter; the team will be suspended anyway. Lie and tell the support that you are innocent when you have cheated will be of no use, since the support immediately will be able to tell if your story is true or not. If you have been cheating, the best and most honorable thing to do is to admit it. The chances for you to get a "second chance" and start a new team will then improve.

  2) A person is only allowed to have one team.
This is an essential demand from ManagerZone's side. Since ManagerZone hands out prizes(which there will be more of), it is of great importance that cheating does not exist and all teams that have won prizes will be checked before the prizes are handed out. If cheating is discovered in this check, the team will be suspended and no prize is handled out to the owner of the team.

  3) Country belonging.
The team should be registered from an IP address which belongs to the country you are living in when you register for the game. You will then play in a league that belongs to that country. You are not allowed to have a team in another country than the country you are permanently living in.

  4) All information given when registering should be correct.
Once again it is about the fact that ManagerZone(online manager) is handing out prizes to the managers who show that they have the knowledge to be the best managers. Therefore we have to know who the person is to be able to hand out prizes. It is also important because we write about managers every week in the weekly edition of our online magazine. If you want to be able to be mentioned in this online magazine and be able to win prizes this is a must. If your information is incorrect and your team is checked if it is involved in cheating, your team is more likely to get suspended if your personal and/or address information is incorrect.

  5) No friendly bids on players.
To make sure that 2) has the maximum effect, no friends are allowed to make excessive bids on players in order to move money from one team to a friend's team. An excessive bid is when the bid is clearly higher than the the current market value of the player at the time of the transfer. If notice someone trying to buy your player for an excessive price you have the opportunity to contact the support to avoid suspension. Bids that are considered as excessive bids are forbidden and if you do this with intention to make money you will be suspended right away, and this applies to both the team that is making the bid and the team the player is sold from. If the bid is five times the theoretical value of a player or higher the transfer will be checked automatically, which don't neccessarily have to lead to any measures if it is a star player whose market value is higher than other players.

  6) Making use of possible bugs.
When there are errors in the code or in the system in general(bugs) it is considered as cheating if you, in order to benefit from it compared to other managers, make use of a bug or don't report it. Formations or tactical adjustments are never considered as bugs.

  7) Everyone helps out to report what they believe is cheating.
If we all help out, it will be much more fun to play ManagerZone. Cheating or suspected cheating shall be reported to the support and nowhere else. Exposing cheaters/suspected cheaters in the forums for example, is forbidden and if that is discovered, appropriate measures will be made.

  8) Netiqette.
A matter of course is that we all behave in a good way and do not threaten or write things, that can be understood as racist or condescending, to other players. This is a rather buoyant judgment so you can say that the basic rule is that you should behave as you want other people to behave towards you, but to be on the safe side you can behave even better. It won't hurt anyone. This is for the comfort of everyone.

  9) Offending material.
As manager, you have the permission to publish certain text, pictures and links on your club page and to this material certain rules apply. You are not allowed to link or write something that can be regarded as offending to other people. This applies to material seen as sexual, insulting, racist or other material which normally is not considered as serious material for the team's and the game's success. To make it as simple as possible you can say that pictures, links and text, presented on the owner's profile and the presentation, should only be about the team, and/or the owner.

  10) E-mail and address.
The e-mail address you write in your application should be correct and existing. If it doesn't exist we can't send you your password if you should forget it, nor can you appeal the suspension of your team. ManagerZone also has a newsletter and certain offerings that you approve being sent to your e-mail address by making this application.

  11) Personal information.
By this rule you are allowing your name to be shown publicly inside the game. ManagerZone (the online manager) will not give your information to a third party.

  12) Taking charge of another team.
It is not allowed to take over another manager's team. If you want to become a manager you have to create your own team.

13) Innocent until proven guilty.
Yes, this is the basic principle of ManagerZones way of thinking. But also "Cheating never brings success" is a principle which must be kept in mind. This makes it hard to follow this to the letter in some cases since there are times when the two principles are in conflict with each other. Teams, where many things plead for the fact that they are cheaters, might, if ManagerZone thinks the support for it is massive enough, get suspended even when there are no real evidence. If this happens to you and you consider yourself innocent, then you have the right to appeal according to 16). No innocent teams should get suspended, and no cheaters should get away; that is the goal.

14) Repayment of the money on your account on ManagerZone when you have been suspended.
For an administration cost of 250SEK, a suspended manager can get the money that is on his/hers ManagerZone account.

15) Is it ok to annoy other managers without breaking any of the rules mentioned above?
No! If we notice obvious signs of unsportsmanlike behavior such as W.O. against some teams and not the others, in league games and/or cup games, we will take appropriate action. Also other things done only to provoke someone is forbidden and in worst cases it might lead to suspension.

16) ManagerZone's management has the right to suspend your team if the rules above are broken.
In cases that are a bit indistinct, the management of ManagerZone or its representatives(Game Assistants - online manager), have the final word. This means that testing the limits of the rules are not recommended. If you consider yourself innocent, then you are welcome to appeal the decision by sending an e-mail to the support from the e-mail address that you used when you registered your team. We want everyone to have the same opportunities to win by developing their team. Therefore managers who are cheating or intend to cheat will get suspended. In cases where suspension is considered too harsh and an acquittal is considered too nice, the ManagerZone management or its representatives have the right to take another appropriate action as punishment.
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