ManagerZone youth

Overview (soccer manager)

In addition to buying available players on the transfer you can also have your own youth squad. These are young players that can be a part of your team from day one but most of them need to practice and get more experience before they are good enough for you team.

Your youth players

A player is a youth player until one turns 19 years old (18 and younger). Since the youth players in soccer manager are young they usually have poor experience and in some or most of the attributes that makes a great player. However your young players develop much faster than their older collegues. This can make it very worth while to invest in a youth squad and build from within your own club and not just buy players from other clubs.

Your youth players can only train on the youth field which you find under the link "youth". Your youth players can play in your regular squad if you feel they have a place there. It is always good to let them play once in a while even if it is just a fiendly.

How do I get more youth players?

You can choose to have as many as 16 players in your youth squad in soccer manager. To change the number go to your office and finances. On that page you see a drop down box that allows you to set the number. You can only increase the number of youth players twice a season, namely, during round 1-2 and round 11-12, Your changes will become effective on the first saturday after these rounds.It can therefore take some days for them to show up.

You can also lower the number of youth players in Managerzone if you feel you have too many. However you cannot choose who those players that leave the club are. So if you go from 10 to 5 you will drop 5 of them randomly. That means your very best junior guy could potentially leave the club. This can be done any time during the season and the changes will become effective every saturday.

Cost for your club

You pay a fee of 2000 USD per youth player per week in managerzone. This is a set fee and is independent of the quality of the player. The youth players do not have a salary and this is your only cost associated with the youth squad. So you total fee would be 2000 USD times the number of youth players.

The trainers in soccer manager

You can let any of you trainers be on the youth field and train the younger guys. You can have one or more but there is no requirement that you have a trainer on the youth field.

To move a trainer from your regular training field to the youth field you simply put the trainer to the right of the practice field. You then save the settings and go over to the youth field. You will now find him there and he is ready to be moved out to the field. You do the same if you want to move him back.
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