ManagerZone training

As you can imagine your players need to practice to get better. ManagerZone's training field is the place where they practice. You can place your players on the part of the field that represents the skill you would like that player to improve.

You can practice the following skills (attributes):
  • Game intelligence
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Header
  • Ball control
  • Tackling
  • Cross balls
  • Set plays
  • Goalie - is used only if the player is used as a goalie
  • Speed
  • Stamina
In soccer manager you can move your players from the right to the field by clicking on them, holding down the button and moving the mouse (drag and drop). As you move the player over the field, you will see the skill represented at the top right. When you let go of the player he will practice that particular skill. In addition to the traditional soccer skills you can also practice the more general such as stamina or speed by dragging the player out to the track. When you have placed them as you want them, you should click on "save". Once you hit save they will start to practice those skills. If you have youth players they practice on their own field.

Your trainers in soccer manager

Once you have placed your players on the practice field it is time to get some use out of your coaches. Each coach can help in one skill at a time. To use him for the skill you think is extra important place him over your players on that particular skill and hit save. The better the coach is in that skill the more he can help. In other words the coach will make your players improve faster. If you want any of your coach to help out on the youth field simply place him outside the field on his resting place and hit save. Click on the tab link "Youth" and you will now find him there with your youth players ready to be moved out on the field. For the coach to have any affect on your player he must have at least one ball more on the particular skill that is being practiced, compared to the player(s).

How do my players get better in managerzone?

There are two levels of improvements and degradations. Your Training Report will show the person with the largest improvement first and then go down to the one with the smallest improvement. The same with degradations. If your players are older they might get worse and the largest degradation is listed at the top.

To receive a new ball you need up to 50 improvements. It can be quicker though depending on the individual player and or the trainer. Please note that an improvement is not neccesarely equal to 1 day of training, this can be both more or less.

Degradations happen the same way but your players only lose their skills at half the pace as they gain them.

The image below shows what a training report might look like. A white ball to the right means that player actually received a new ball in that particular skill. If you see a red ball it means he lost a ball. If you move over to your player you will see this change.
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